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Do You Want Buff Boss Rewards In PoE


In Path of Exile, would it be possible to have buff boss rewards? Especially the ones with phases and « mechanics ». Collectors of path of exile currency may know, it was a waste of time to kill bosses before. Now they’re even stronger and as a result more people will skip them.

In my opinion, at very least give them guaranteed 2-3 map drop. At the same time you could nerf map drops from normal mobs, that would definitely promote actually killing the bosses and perhaps slightly shift the meta from zoom-zoom to boom-ouch.

Path of Exile

One player said that he really doesn’t understand why GGG refuses to give a proper buff to item rarity to bosses. Yes, some people would skip monsters maybe to kill the loot pinata, but it has been fine in diablo 2 for a lot of years, and it was fun. In PoE bosses rarely give unique poe items while it was almost granted in diablo 2 with a MF character. Otherwise more and more people will skip entirely all the bosses, the chance to have a +2 map is not enough compared to the risk of dyeing.

Another player said that in D2, you’d just create another game when you were done, in PoE there’s maps as a currency sink. Boss rushing shouldn’t be as viable of a strat here. It’s also why they’ll never give bosses guaranteed map drops, if you think about it. It would basically be a free map restart button for any decent boss killer.

It’s not about keeping up. It’s about GGG wanting higher tiered maps to be somewhat rare and need an investment to keep running. If you get guaranteed map drops from bosses, you could easily 24/7 farm T16 guardians like it were nothing. Maybe it’s never gonna happen.

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